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Happy New Year everyone!

And what a start it’s been. I’m working on a new online magazine, writing stories, editing a book and preparing a new short story serial for publication, my head is spinning.

But in truth I’m never happier than when I’m busy. And as I have the attention span of an infant it bodes well to have a number of projects on the go at any one time.

Last year I worked and the results were mediocre at best. I had periods where it seemed I did nothing but work – completing a script with a co-writer being one of the highlights for me – but there were also times where I didn’t seem to be working at all. Instead I became some kind of sofa monster, guarding chocolate like a griffin guards treasure.

So instead of engaging in the tradition of making resolutions that I have…

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Monday morning madness.

I’m a mother, a wife and a writer. I like to think I’m organised but I realised today that I am in fact deluded. Yesterday I comprised a list ( I love lists) of what I needed to accomplish today.I have a short story I need to finish and then I can get on with editing my novel. I had decreed to my family that this was a new year and a new me!

8:00 am. I felt amazing, if not a bit cold. I had de-iced the car and jumped into it to make sure inside was de- misting nicely.

Instead I was greeted by a window of ice, inside the car. Now I know I’m an adult and it pains me to say it, but I had a full on tantrum as I sat freezing to death in front of the wheel. I whacked the heat on full and turned the temp up to the highest it’s ever been. I was scraping the screen when a voice shouting for my attention interuppted me.

Slipping and sliding my way to the front door I silently prayed my joints stayed where they were supposed to. I was greeted by middle child, Hermione who was in a full on rant ( something to do with an app not working) and then collared by the eldest, Amelia and the youngest, Izzy, who were at each others throats over a monster high doll.

I find my inner peace and channel it. I take the device off Hermione, switch it on and off and thrust it back into her waiting hands. Tackle the other two, removing said doll and hold it for ransome. They can continue to fight over it after teeth have been brushed, shoes are on and hair has been assembled into some kind of order.

Our dog Lola, has been released from the kitchen and is running round as though she’s escaped from prison, bouncing over the sofa as children try to grab anything edible. I watch with amusement as it’s the fastest my kids have moved all morning. School bags fly off the sofa, one spills it’s contents all over the floor amidst shouts of, ‘Mum get her out!’

8:25 Lola is secured back in kitchen. Medication is given out to all three and hair is done. Teeth done (I think, I know they went upstairs when I grabbed my luke warm tea) I’ve put their shoes are on, coats are laid out ready.

8:35 Time to leave the house for the school run. Lola has been released by Izzy, who decided it would be a good time to grab a buiscuit. The Degu’s, River and Ripley are squealing as the other door was left open by Amelia and Lola  is now jumping at the cage. I wrestle Lola until she’s locked under my arm, Hermione is still on phone and complaining of stomach ache as I ask her to put it away. I trip over Amelia’s crutches as I squeeze past her and race through to the kitchen. Lola looks miffed as I throw her in her bed and rush out slamming the door behind me.

I usher the children out to the car, helping with bags and asking why none of them have put on hats and scarves. I jump in my seat and switch the engine on, were going to make it in time.

Or so I thought. The window has frozen again, how the hell and why? Are some of the things I shout at the screen.

8:50 I’ve cleared the window and were off. Arriving at school just in time. I leap out of the car and hustle Hermione towards the reception. Handing over the slips of paper I’d stuffed into my coat pocket which has the times on for their medication.

8:57 I’m back in the car and driving across town to the hospital for Amelia and Izzy’s Orthotics appointments.

9:15 The car boot comes down on top of my head as I drag the wheelchair out and I swear (don’t judge me) loud enough that someone walking by stops and stares at me.

9:20 We are in the hosptal and waiting for the receptionist, I give the girls names and times of appointments and then I wait. She looks over the computer at me and smiles before saying, ‘I’m so sorry but your appointmnents tomorrow morning.’

I deflate, right there in the waiting room. That’s it I’m done and it’s only 9:30.

I take the girls back to their schools and have to let them know I got it wrong and that they will be late tomorrow too.

Back home I have a hot  mug of tea and a serving of toast as I glance over my list. I didn’t do to bad really. I wish I could say this morning  was a one off, but it would be a lie. Oh well the day isn’t over so I’d better get to work.

Tomorrow I will be more organised.