Promises – Friday Fictioneers Flash Fiction Photo Prompt!

It’s time for the Friday Fictioneers again! I’ve been missing in action for a couple of weeks so apologies for not getting back to everyone. I hope to catch up with all that I’ve missed soon. The aim of Friday Fictioneers is to use the photo prompt below and write a piece of flash fiction of 100 words. A photo prompt is put up every Wednesday by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields , our wonderful hostess.

FF_santoshwriter (1)

– © Santoshwriter


Word Count: 100

By Heidi Busby Brown.

Zac’s grip tightened on Violets’ hand as the leaf bounced under their combined weight.

“They’re too close, we need to keep moving,” he stroked her cheek, ‘”oh don’t pout…”

“Please Zac, I need to rest.” Violet scooped up a droplet of water and gulped it down. She flexed her delicate pale gold wings, they were losing light. Soon the shadows would be closing in on them, “I’m scared. What if he find’s us?”

Zac lifted her chin, “I won’t let him take you.”

“Promise me?”

“With all my heart.” His mouth captured hers. Violet slid her slender arms around his neck, never wanting to let go.

Zac’s hard black wings wrapped around her, shielding them as the shadows descended.

Thank you ever so much for taking the time to read my story and I hope you enjoyed it. To read more from the Friday Fictioneers, or join in click on the blue frog above. You won’t be disappointed!

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