Clean Up – Friday Fictioneers Flash Fiction Photo Prompt

Hello all!

I hope you are well and ready for some more Flash Fiction. As always, we are given our photo prompt by our wonderful Friday Fictioneer leader, Rochelle . I had few ideas for this prompt, but ended up writing something completely different. So here is my attempt for this week. I hope you enjoy it.

PHOTO PROMPT - © Emmy L Gant


Clean Up

Under the light of the moon, I tug the last black bin bag out of the car boot and stumble across to the dumpster at the end of the row.

Lifting the lid up I can’t help but gag as the stench of rotting waste fills my nostrils. Holding my breath, I roll the bag over the edge and let it drop.

With shaking hands, I lower the lid and release my breath.

        Half way to the car my phone vibrates in my pocket. Removing my gloves, I swipe the screen to answer as I climb into the front seat.

       “Is he gone Lacey?” She whispers, I can hear the rhythmic beeps of the hospital equipment in her room.

       “Yes.” I glance in the mirror at the blue and purple bruises forming on my neck.

        “He won’t be coming back this time, I promise.”


Thank you so much for taking the time to read my offering this week! If you would like to read more flash fiction from the Friday fictioneers please click on the blue frog below, you won’t be disappointed!




33 thoughts on “Clean Up – Friday Fictioneers Flash Fiction Photo Prompt

  1. A clinical and systematic release from harm. If only all bullies understood the underlying hopes of their victims, they (the bully) may fear retribution. What a wonderful idea in theory!!!
    I was pleased to read your bully received his just deserts. 😉

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