You Won’t Succeed on Broadway… Spamalot Diary Week Four!

Hello, you gorgeous lot you!

I aim to bring you a sneaky peek of what’s happening in rehearsals and introduce the cast and crew of Spamalot. Our fearless Herd Leaders, Alex Hinton and Lisa Lowarch have high expectations and we intend to meet them, in what will be an amazing production of Spamalot!

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Mad Cow Productions present our trailer for SPAMALOT! – Thank you Tom Marshall, who runs PhotograFix, click here to pop over and have a look at his work!  The company sounds amazing! Even if I do say so myself:)


Rehearsal Diary: Week Four!

It really is amazing to see how it all comes together and how we are all up for standing in when necessary.There is so much that goes into making a show and it really is a team effort. The props and costume departments are in full swing and I can’t wait for you to see it all ! If you missed any posts and want to catch up, here is  Week Five and Week Six  !

In our first rehearsal of the week it saw us cleaning up, ‘You Won’t Succeed in Broadway’.

There is a certain part of the tune that our beloved herd leader Lisa, always sings to.

It goes something like this: “Dinky, dinky, dinky… dinky, dinky do- Dinky, dinky, dinky…dinky, dinky do!” It’s strangely catching! Now Sian, Laura, Lotty, Asha and I, can’t seem to help joining in.

Although, Asha may have changed a couple of the words. (Don’t ask.)

As the dancing Jewish brides, we will be using handkerchiefs over our heads for part of the routine. This week we improvised, with rather fetching tea towels. 🙂

2016-04-03 16.13.35

Laura, Asha, Lotty and Heidi.

We had a scare when Harry crashed to the ground during the routine, having twisted his ankle. He was a trooper and handled us all fussing over him. Alex and Lisa checked over Harry’s ankle and applied ice, whilst someone was sent off to Lisa’s car to get bandages from her first aid kit. This led to questions about first aid and carrying a first aid bag in the car. What followed had me in stitches, Tom Beddows is an absolute star!

Tom, who has recently passed his driving test was asked. “Do you have a first aid kit in your car?’

Tom: “No…but I do have a sponge…”

I’m not sure how helpful a sponge will be, but hopefully we’ve convinced him to get a first aid kit!

(Harry’s ankle is doing much better now and he will be back up and performing very soon!)

Our next rehearsal saw us ladies working on our vocals with the wonderful Chris!

As normal, we are gathered round the keyboard in our groups. Altos’, second sopranos’ and first sopranos’. After our vocal warm-up, Chris holds up his folder.

There are numerous orange and yellow sticky notes attached. When asked what they’re for Chris says: “Yellow sticky notes for all the lady parts!”

Cue said ladies laughing and giggling like school girls. Chris calls us to order and explains that we are cleaning up the vocals. The orange notes are for the men, our goal is to be free of yellow sticky notes and beat the men.  🙂

After two songs are done and Chris is happy with us he pulls the second sticky note out from his folder and I shout out…”Two sticky lady parts down!”

Again everyone crumples, whilst I turn red as a beetroot.

Four songs in and Chris is very pleased with us, as Lauren say’s…

“Take it off! take it off! ( referring to the sticky note)

It’s been a long time since I laughed that hard, whoever thought you could have so much fun cleaning up vocals!  Best part is…we beat the men!

Thank you Chris, for putting up with us!  🙂

Bec’s words of the week: “You can learn a lot from a man by the way he rides a pretend horse…”

Our Lady of the Lake, otherwise known as Natalie Watts has been getting creative and given Lego a Spamalot makeover!

Aren’t they amazing!


Meet the Cast!


Here is one of our very glamorous Laker Girls…Charlotte Dugan!

image1I am one of the Laker Girls in this amazing production of Spamalot! I have danced since I was four years old, starting with ballet and progressing into contemporary, jazz and street dance. I have trained and performed in the Theatre Severn and Walker Theatre and also the Royal Albert Hall which was incredible! I love performing, it is the love of my life and I never feel more myself than when I’m on stage.

Mad Cow productions is the best company I’ve been with! They are so passionate and have such drive. From big bosses Alex, Lisa and of course Chris, to the rest of the company. They are all great fun, but also such hard-working people. I love being part of a company which all have the same goals and aspirations. It’s a fantastic production and I hope to see you at the show!


Up next is our whip cracking vocal coach…Lorna Crosse!



I’m one of the hidden Cows.

I work as part of the professional tutor team to ensure the voices of our talented stars are strong healthy and fabulous. I feel very strongly that we put on a great show, but not at the expense of these precious voices. We are teaching our cast how to sing appropriately and safely, for long successful careers. I love watching our young members star in our shows and go on to accept places in prestigious drama schools in London.

This is a special company. No divas or prima donnas , just ..people who care about each other and want to put on a great show.What a lovely job I have!

Lorna Crosse  is one of Shropshire’s most qualified singing teachers. Lessons available for you, or a great gift for family and friends!  Contact Lorna at  Yes, you can sing with Lorna Crosse and begin your singing journey.


Introducing the wonderful …Tom Marshall!

Tom MarshallI’ve been on the stage for nearly twenty years, since I was a strangely tall nine-year old in Hello Dolly.  I have undertaken lead roles in various shows back in my native Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, including Chess, The Vicar of Dibley, Godspell, Calendar Girls, Hi De Hi, The Threepenny Opera, The Ragged Child, Jesus Christ Superstar, Oklahoma, Fiddler on the Roof, Oliver! and Our House.  This time last year I was in Guys and Dolls up in Glasgow, and the week before I moved down to Shropshire I was Oscar in Sweet Charity (I don’t recommend moving house during show week!).

Backstage, during that show I was researching Shropshire groups to join and happened to find Mad Cow on Facebook. A few days later I’d moved down and auditioned to join.

I’m SO glad I did.  I was delighted to be typecast as two of the tallest and most iconic characters in comedy history, the Knight of Ni and Tim the Enchanter.  This has been (so far at least, I can’t vouch for the next three weeks) the funniest show I’ve worked on for a very long time.  The cast and everybody involved are utter brilliance. It has also been nice to do a show with my partner Emily again, as we’ve not been on stage together for a couple of years!  I think I can confidently say I’m the biggest Monty Python geek in the cast and would happily fish slap any challengers.  Alex and Lisa have been very accommodating whilst I’ve been adding more Python lines back into the script that seem to have been lost in the Broadway translation…!

I’ve also been roped in to channel my inner Gilliam, by creating the animated segments for Spamalot – watch out for the next trailer coming shortly!

The fantastic thing about Spamalot is that it truly has something for everyone, whether you’re a Python fan or not.  The big musical numbers are pure 100% Broadway campy amazeballs glitz, and the comedy scenes are very witty, not shitty and absolutely hilarious (unless you’re French).

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Thank you for taking the time to have a read and supporting us. If you’ve enjoyed it feel free to share. See you next week, same time, same place. Three weeks to go!




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