We’re Knights of the Round Table… Spamalot Diary Week Three!

Hello, you gorgeous lot you!

I aim to bring you a sneaky peek of what’s happening in rehearsals and introduce the cast and crew of Spamalot. Our fearless Herd Leaders, Alex Hinton and Lisa Lowarch have high expectations and we intend to meet them, in what will be an amazing production of Spamalot!

Don’t miss out, book your tickets at Theatre Severn !

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Mad Cow Productions present our trailer for SPAMALOT! – Thank you Tom Marshall, who runs PhotograFix, click here to pop over and have a look at his work!  The company sounds amazing! Even if I do say so myself:)


 Rehearsal Diary: Week Three!

There is so much that goes into making a show and it really is a team effort. The props and costume departments are in full swing and I can’t wait for you to see it all ! If you missed any posts and want to catch up, here is Week Four ,  Week Five and Week Six  !

This week has been yet another fab Spam fest! Right now, as your reading this members of the herd are dancing, singing and running through lines wherever they may be. My kitchen has been classed as out-of-bounds. Much to Lola’s (my dog) dismay who has hidden herself in a corner out of harms way, as I’ve danced my way around the room. Meanwhile, Niki Holmes, our amazing company artist has been super busy and created a fantastic display in Tanners Window!

2016-04-09 14.37.23

Vocal warm up’s are a must and have provided me with some wonderful moments. This week didn’t fail to amuse me. During our vocal warm up we do a set which involves counting, I have come to realise while doing these that I am numerically challenged and …I’m not alone. It seem Sian also struggles and as we reached, ” 8!” Sian doubled over.

Sian:”Ahh! I can’t do this!” As we finished, “-7-6-5-4-3-2-1”

Sian went to stand back up only to have Jane (our wardrobe mistress) say, “Sian, stay where you are whilst I measure the letter G on your bottom.” This resulted in a very red-faced Sian and the rest of the company laughing. As of now, we are running through the show in order. Below are our very own Knights of the Round Table!



My next chuckle moment had to be a conversation I overheard, between Annette and Bec.

Bec: I’m in this?

Annette: Am I in this?

Bec: We’re both in this aren’t we?

Annette: Which part of ‘Run Away’ are we going from?

Sian: We are doing ‘Find Your Grail’!

Bec and Annette: Oh! We’ll just be over here then…

Both of them walk away and stand in the corner of the room, leaving Sian and I to giggle. Love you guy’s, you are amazing!

On Friday we were back in the dance studio at Theatre Severn, everything was going as planned. The rehearsal was going great, we all had our photo’s done for the programme, thanks to Natalie Watts. We’d gotten to the part where God is talking to King Arthur. All the Knights are on their knees, bowed down.

Waiting for the music cue…and waiting…then all of a sudden music erupts in the studio, the wrong music.

The knights all lift up onto their knees and start dancing.

The music stops just as fast as it starts and the Knights, drop back to the floor, as though nothing happened.

Whole cast erupts into laughter at their fab timing and interesting dance moves 🙂

It would seem we have Spamalot fever in the Mad Cows, for even when we’re not in rehearsals it’s always on our minds…day’s out…shopping…even when on holiday!


Meet the Cast and Crew!

 The one and only… Jane Conlon, Wardrobe mistress.

Hello everyone! Sorry if this message is a bit muffled, it’s just that I am backstage in the Wardrobe!

I have been with Mad Cow for a few years now,how time flies!! I am almost getting used to the steady increase in excitement and tension as the show gets nearer, and it’s nice to hear from the cast that the wardrobe room is like an oasis of calm!!!!

If only you all knew!!!

At the moment , my small but mighty team of six ladies are making several costumes, including the laker girls.

We aim to have them all done ready for the arrival of the costumes from Molly Limpets, so we can get them ready for the show.

One thing Mad Cow has is very high standards, and I am always impressed by the dedication and  effort put in by everyone in the months and weeks leading up to Opening Night.

You really are an impressive bunch!

The very talented Harry Allmark!

This is my 3rd show with Mad Cow Productions, I originally joined two years ago and tookreceived_837081546414919 part in the play, ‘Noises Off’ as the part of Tim. Since then I have been in every other performance Mad Cow has produced.

I love taking part in Spamalot! It is such amazing fun and the humour is just brilliant with every rehearsal leaving me in stitches! I’m looking forward to playing the dancing monk, it’s such a fun dance to take part in and I can’t wait for the rest of the show!

Hope you enjoy yourselves!

The Beautiful Annette Edge! 

Born in Aberystwyth many years ago , I studied all types of dance before going on to train at Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts (again a long time ago!!) My biggest claim to fame is performing as one of the miners in the Queen video “I want to break free” then getting to meet the band members.
Joining Mad Cow brought that urge to perform out once again and Spamalot is my third production with The Herd. After playing Prudy in Hairspray last year I am delighted to be playing that old hag Mrs Galahad……….a pattern seems to be emerging here!!
With three sons of my own, one of whom is in the show and another helping backstage, I am used to being a nagging Mother 😅😅
It just so happens that my hubby is a gardener too, so a shrubbery is easy to locate!!
In ‘normal’ life I work in a pre-school ( where my singing and acting experience can prove very useful) and try to watch my other son, who is a professional footballer for Colchester Utd.
Spamalot is a laugh a minute show and every person in it is a character in their own right. I’m sure all those who come to watch it will have as much fun as we are having performing it!!

The wonderful Prop King…Bob Gibbs! 

One of my little jobs with Mad Cows is making props, which I have done since joining four20160410_132749 years ago, (and for many years before in other societies.) These are quite varied, starting with the large fridge from which the cast emerged in the ‘The Drowsy Chaperone’ and includes packing cases and boxes to sit on; reinforced luggage cases to be stood on, fire axes and my favourite…a historic radio set, which has been used in three play’s and is ongoing!

For Spamalot so far; the dice boxes; a tree stump and halberds (a combined spear and battleaxe) for the swamp castle guards and now the coconut shells. Most of these things are fairly easy, but I do occasionally get a good one!

The Knight of Ni is traditionally very tall. Alex presented me with a picture of a pair of traditional wooden stilts, to which I said no way! Bear in mind that our Knight of Ni is 6’4″ and over twenty stone and needs to have his hands free. On with the thinking cap and Google.

From my construction industry background I recalled plaster’s stilts, which strap onto the legs for the purpose of plastering ceilings. Brilliant…Yes?

No! The first pair I got hold of, plastic, were impossible to stand on even for me. The second ones, metal, were better with good feet. To give Tom his due, he tried very hard and managed to take a few steps before we both decided that it was ridiculous. He was now 7’11” tall and very unsteady.

Back to the drawing board. What was needed was a much bigger foot area and more safety. Lateral thinking – two upturned builders buckets, suitably reinforced; block of wood on top and pair of size eleven trainers screwed on top. Job done. Total cost…£2.00 for the trainers from a charity shop. Back to e-Bay with the plaster’s stilts.

Nice to know I’m being useful!


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Thank you for taking the time to have a read and supporting us. If you’ve enjoyed it feel free to share. See you next week, same time, same place. Two weeks to go!



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