I can Dance and I can Sing…Spamalot Diary- Week Two-Part Two!


Hello, you gorgeous lot you!

I aim to bring you a sneaky peek of what’s happening in rehearsals and introduce the cast and crew of Spamalot. Our fearless Herd Leaders, Alex Hinton and Lisa Lowarch have high expectations and we intend to meet them, in what will be an amazing production of Spamalot!

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Mad Cow Productions present our trailer for SPAMALOT! – Thank you Tom Marshall, who runs PhotograFix, click here to pop over and have a look at his work!  The company sounds amazing! Even if I do say so myself:)


 Rehearsal Diary: Week Two – Part Two!

There is so much that goes into making a show and it really is a team effort. The props and costume departments are in full swing and I can’t wait for you to see it all ! If you missed any posts and want to catch up, here is;Week Two/Part One , Week Three , Week Four ,  Week Five and Week Six!

I almost cried with laughter at Bec’s and Ryan’s brief conversation!

Every now and then small changes occur, as to where you are set, or you realise you’ve been standing in the wrong place the whole time! (I had one of those moments, lol) Lisa was going through the routine, watching every move. She called a stop to the music and approached Bec’s and Ryan.

Bec: So am I going to be behind coconut boy here?

Bec’s points at Ryan.

Lisa: Yes you are.

Ryan turns round and grins at Bec.

Ryan: Alright arm pit girl!

Now that’s what I call a term of endearment! 🙂 Also, I have to say, Lisa and Alex have the patience of a saint!



Meet the Cast and Crew!

 First up this week is…Leanne Kinsella our Gorgeous Stage Manager!

Leanne Kinsella currently works as a full-time residential care worker for children and young people. Being involved with the Mad Cows brings a delightful relief to Leanne’s general working week.
Leanne has always loved the theatre and everything around it. Being involved from the age of five with her mother, Leanne spent many of her ‘younger’ years being involved in local armature dramatic companies, performing at least once a year within the community. Believe it or not Leanne even used to spend more time on the stage rather than behind it!
Leanne attended the Brit School for her college years, studying Drama, Media Studies and Film Studies.

2016-04-15 11.11.17

Leanne then spent a summer working at Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts School, working in all areas involved in putting on a big show. Graciously Leanne then chose to save others from her mesmerising performances and concentrated on the excitements behind the scenes, as It was here that Leanne found her love for the backstage, learning different areas required until moving away to attend university.

Spamalot will now be the fourth show that Leanne has stage-managed for the Mad Cows and looks forward to remaining within the backstage team for many more shows to come. It truly is fantastically Mad sometimes!

 The Handsome…Keith Clements!

“Come in and just see what you think…” She said.

“You don’t have to do anything, there’s no pressure,” she said. It was 1979 and this turned out to be one of those ‘Sliding Doors’ moments. If I hadn’t succumbed to my girlfriends entreating, I might never have trod the boards at all!2016-04-17 10.18.47

That pivotal moment was for a rehearsal/audition for a part in a student production of ‘West Side Story’ and at nineteen years old, I was one of the oldest!

Anyway, having started my thespian activities, they promptly halted whilst I undertook a Mechanical Engineering degree. (Rough, tough, manly engineering students at Salford don’t do that kind of thing you know!) But I found myself in a handful of musical productions with a local amateur company in as many years following.

Several drama free, wholesome years followed, in which I played squash every hour God sent, playing competitively for a club in Manchester where I lived. Then I got married…

The wedding was in Glasgow – hell of a party! Anyway, eventually in 1989, a need to get off night shifts at the plastics factory in which I was working, led me to a job in Shropshire.

Still I was blissfully carrying on my life without thespian interference, producing two children.

Apparently I can only make boys. Ben is now 23, living in Brighton and trying to make a living as a professional musician, having got his degree. He’s obviously got the performance gene, although his vision is to compose and orchestrate film scores. To this end he’s hoping to start a Master’s degree later this year. His younger brother, Jack is the sporty one. He’s about to return from Japan having qualified and worked as a ski instructor since November. He’s off to Worcester University later this year to do a Sport Therapy degree. Then who knows?

So one day, about six years ago a friend said to me, “you should try joining Mad Cow,” she said.

“Just go along and see what you think – there’s no pressure.” I know…I know…déjà vu. Except I didn’t realise and before I knew it, I was Henry in, ‘Move over Mrs Markham’. Having still not learned my lesson, I returned to musicals after that in the part of Franz Leibkind in MCP’s ‘The Producers’.

Now…I’m usually a baritone. Comfortably at home singing the swing classics in the key of C. But the lederhosen I had to wear as the pigeon-fancying Nazi playwright, easily turned me into a tenor!

By now I’d been made redundant from my job and become the self-employed plumber I am today. Not exactly your typical thespian, but there’s something about Mad Cow’s that keeps tempting me back. Usually the plays, until now.

Well…you just can’t not go for Spamalot can you?

The Stunning…Rachael Holbrook!


I’m Rachael, but you can call me loopy Laker! I play a Laker girl in the hilarious Spamalot!
I have been performing from a very young age, whether that be village pantomimes; school productions, shows with various performance groups, or just generally being a drama queen. However, being cast as a dancer is somewhat new to me!

2016-04-15 11.11.01

I have been ‘dancing’ for just over a year now and I love it!! I have spent my gap year teaching dance to children and adults with additional needs, as well as performing with Arcadian Youth Dance Company amongst other things.

With the guidance of the Cows and my fellow Laker’s, I have been limbering every night for the past few months in preparation for Spamalot…it has definitely been worth the pain!


Being part of ‘The Herd’ has been such an amazing experience, they’re like a second family to everyone!

I feel I must give a massive thank you to our leaders Alex and Lisa, and our fabulous choreographers, Matt and Sian for taking a risk on me as a non-dancer, I won’t let you down!

Now let’s get Spamming!

The Fantastic…Andrew Murray!

Andrew enjoys anything to do with the entertainment industry, when you don’t see him; he is probably working in the dark with the rest of the stage crew or controlling the sound, lighting or everything as stage director; either professionally or for fun, a lot of which he has done for Mad Cow.2016-04-15 10.14.40

He also takes great pleasure in singing with the Shrewsbury Light Orchestra, in their charity concerts all over the county.

Some of his favourite & more recent roles include: –

Bela Zangler (Crazy for You), Darcy (Pride & Prejudice), Sir John (Me & My Girl), Pooh Bah (Mikado), Emile Dubeck (South Pacific),  Charles Condomine (Blythe Spirit), Sir and Lord Evelyn (Anything Goes), Herod (Jesus Christ Superstar), Madame Lucy (Irene), Pirate King & Major General (Pirates of Penzance), Judd Fry & Curly (Oklahoma), Pluto & Orpheus (Orpheus in the Underworld) Tevye (Fiddler on the roof ) Etches and John Thayer (Titanic) Danilo, Pritschitsch and St Brioche (The Merry Widow) Eddie Fredricks (In the Club) Mr Sprizter, Mr Pinky, Principal and News Reader (Hairspray)

Andrew enjoys working with the “Mad Cows” he’s known them longer than his ’39 years’ cares to remember!!

The Glamorous…Yvonne Morris!

Hi there!

I’m Yvonne Morris and Spamalot is my second show with MCP. I have been with them since 2015 after being approached in my hairdressers to take part in the Mad Cow Production of ‘Hairspray’ in which I played Motormouth Maybelle. I had not sung or performed for many years, so was a bit rusty.

2016-04-19 14.39.33Since joining MCP I have enjoyed and become a part of this brilliant group of actors. I do not have a theatrical background and have never had tuition in this field, but I now feel that I am gaining valuable experience. Alex and Lisa have given me the added confidence to realise my dream of performing, dancing and singing. I do give it my best always.


Performing can be challenging and hard work, but I have managed to fit in and feel part of the Mad Cow family. As well as being in the singing ensemble, I have several small roles in the production of Spamalot. I have made new friends and enjoy the camaraderie and I’m very proud to be a part of such a professional group. Overall I relish the whole process and am with a great group of fun-loving and hard-working people.


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2016-04-15 08.19.39



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