What Happened To My Part?…Spamalot Diary-Week One/Part Two


Hello, you gorgeous lot you!

I aim to bring you a sneaky peek of what’s happening in rehearsals and introduce the cast and crew of Spamalot. Our fearless Herd Leaders, Alex Hinton and Lisa Lowarch have high expectations and we intend to meet them, in what will be an amazing production of Spamalot!

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Mad Cow Productions present our trailer for SPAMALOT! – Thank you Tom Marshall, who runs PhotograFix, click here to pop over and have a look at his work!  The company sounds amazing! Even if I do say so myself:)


 Rehearsal Diary: Week One – Part Two!

There is so much that goes into making a show and it really is a team effort. If you missed any posts and want to catch up, here is;Week One/Part One,Week two/Part Two ,Week Two/Part One , Week Three , Week Four ,  Week Five and Week Six!

It’s all happening, right now as I write this blog, the Herd are building what will be a fantastic set. Costumes have been tried on and I’m so excited I’m struggling to contain it! Everyone looks fab and it’s going to be amazing to see everyone together! I’ve had another ‘last moment,’ I will no longer be the stand in for the giant wooden rabbit, as it has arrived at the theatre. This is one of the things I love about Mad Cows, the way everyone get’s stuck in. Currently the whole Herd is gearing up to bring everything together. But for now…let’s take a look at more of the ‘special moments’ we’ve had together!

At one point in the show…I won’t say where…there is a moment where a person is greeted by the knights. In each rehearsal we have practised with different names, and let me say this, they have been interesting! However when Ryan pulled Lisa up, he named her Tallulah Sharnackal! Lisa had me in hysterics as she played the part of Tallulah and then it came to sing the name…I don’t know if anyone actually got it right as we were all laughing to much at the Knights trying to keep straight faces and at Lisa giggling!

A quote straight from my book, written by Becs…

Alex /Lisa: Girls… just stand there and look gorgeous!

Bec’s: Lord this acting lark is hard…

It wouldn’t be the Spamalot diary if this dynamic duo didn’t appear together! Love seeing what they get up to when they have the notebook!

Annette: You ended up on the wrong side of me!

Bec: I know. I’m sorry! I don’t know how it happened!

Annette:Well I can only act on your left, I can’t act on your right!

I spilled my tea when I read this exchange! 🙂 I love you two!

A few photo’s of the ‘get In’!


Meet the Cast and Crew!

Up first this week is…Asha Parker !



Asha is twelve years old and is the youngest member of Mad Cow Productions. This is her second show with the company, as she was in ‘Hairspray’ last year. However, this isn’t the only time she has performed. Asha was also in the 2015/16 pantomime of ‘Dick Whittington’ at Theatre Severn. She has also been in many other shows at the Theatre Severn which include; Carmen, the Perfect season, Night at the Musicals and now will be performing in Spamalot!

As well as being a performer, Asha is a British street dance champion and competes in competitions around the country. Her main aspiration is to be a performer and she will be attending the West End summer school in August. Then hopefully, when she is older she will be able to attend a performing arts school.

Asha loves being part of Mad Cow Productions and will definitely be in more shows in the future!

The Talented… Patrick Playfair!


For Patrick, sixty years of performing have culminated in this fabulous Mad Cow production of Spamalot. In addition to his stage roles he has appeared in film [for the BYFA and a long defunct schools film unit] and on radio.

Having originally left school intent on pursuing a professional career in the theatre and as a member of the newly created NYT, he trained as a teacher and combined this with working with companies at The Palace Theatre Watford, The Swan Theatre Worcester and The Grand in Wolverhampton.  As well as the traditional repertoire of musical theatre, Patrick was fortunate to take leading roles in The Alchemist; London Assurance, Roots, A View from the Bridge, Oh What a Lovely War, Lock Up Your Daughters, and Boeing Boeing.  However, rising through the teaching profession his ‘double life’ had to be curtailed. He didn’t tread the boards for some fourteen years before he returned to the stage as Fagin in a production of Oliver sixteen years ago.

Patrick met Alex and Lisa when he joined Shrewsbury Operatic Society.  He is probably the only member of the cast of Spamalot to have chased Alex through an auditorium [High Society] and ‘playfully’ smacked Lisa’s bottom [My Fair Lady]. He has great admiration for what the Mad Cows have achieved.  As an original member of this ‘benign dictatorship’ Patrick has seen first-hand how The Cows have raised the bar in both production values and in extending the repertoire of shows being performed in Shrewsbury. In roles as diverse as Lloyd in ‘Noises Off’, The Colonel in ‘Allo Allo’, Roger Debris in The ‘Producers’, Patrick began to think he could only be cast if the part demanded the wearing of a wig or a ‘wiglet’ or teetering down a staircase in sequined high heels and evening gown!

Asked about amusing incidents, Patrick recalled a headline and photograph in a local paper ‘Actors caught in backstage touch up’ [perfectly innocent]; free-standing ballroom pillars in a production of Half a Sixpence collapsing like dominoes onto the stage; too much dry ice completely enveloping the stage in a production of Brigadoon; standing on a counter as it careered towards the orchestra pit in a production of ‘Hello Dolly’ at The Malvern Festival Theatre [at the same performance – a Thursday matinée – the ASM put too much charge to simulate the exploding cans of tomatoes and nearly deafened himself] – and many more, which of course simply add to the enjoyment of the stage.

So, no longer needing to live a ‘double life’ Patrick can act disgracefully in the full knowledge that at his age people can do just that!

Taunt well mon brave.

The Gorgeous…Cerian Lancaster! 



I have always been a musical’s enthusiast ever since the tender age of four, when my brave parents took me to see the ’94 revival of ‘Oliver’ in London. Four-year-old me enjoyed it so much that my parents had to constantly quieten me. My (exceptional) vocals were drawing too much attention away from the professionals.

I continued this habit throughout my childhood and went on to perform in school plays. I embraced these roles with the same amount of enthusiasm as I did for ‘Oliver’, as well as a great deal of professionalism and artistic licence. For one year only Mrs Cratchit became very northern. Later on I expanded my musical talents and played in the Shropshire Youth Wind Orchestra and eventually joined my university show choir, where my life became an episode of ‘Glee’ for a brief moment in time.

I joined Mad Cow in 2013 to satisfy my innate need to sporadically belt out musical numbers, (sometimes with accompanying choreography.) So far I have been in three shows; Crazy for you, Hairspray and Spamalot. I’ve also had the opportunity to be DSM for ‘Noises off’ and work in props for ‘The Game’s Afoot’. Mad Cow has really helped me come out my shell and has introduced me to a really great group of people, who I have learnt a lot from. Spamalot is the third show I’ve performed in but hopefully not the last!!

The Handosme…Tom Beddows! 

2016-04-18 13.18.51


I have lived in Shrewsbury all my life. But I have only just begun exploring the world of theatre. I have always enjoyed plays, which all my schools used to put on every so often. But I only watched them, I never performed in them. One day an opportunity at my school came up for me to be in the play. It was ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’. I never really did much for my secondary school until Year nine, where I took the role as an ugly step sister, believe it or not!

I then went on to study AS Performance at Shrewsbury Sixth Form College. At the same time, I knew I wanted to do more performing outside of College. Then I heard about Mad Cow Productions through a family member, who had met Alex Hinton previously in the theatre. It was just what I was looking for and I joined the company.

My first show with Mad Cow was 2014’s ‘Crazy For You’, I worked back stage for ‘Noises Off’ and returned to the stage for 2015’s ‘Hairspray’, I was once again backstage crew for ‘The Games Afoot’. My most recent show with Mad Cow is ‘Spamalot’ and I’m loving the rehearsals! For the three shows I have been an ensemble cast, but I have had just as much fun being an ensemble as the main cast have had as the principle characters. As everyone says, ALL the cast are important!

One of our gorgeous Herd members,  Emily Ireson – is raising money for two charities, The Little Princess Trust and Macmillan. On Saturday the 7th  of May she will be cutting eleven inches of her very long hair off and donating it to help create wigs for children, who have lost theirs and to help raise money so that the charity can continue their fantastic work! She is also collecting for Macmillan who helped so much with her Nana!

If you would like to support and sponsor Emily, Click here to visit her Just Giving page!

It is such a good cause and I know Emily will really appreciate anything you are able to donate! Thank you:)

2016-04-23 12.13.03

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A huge thank you to our wonderful Sponsors!



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 “We are proud of our involvement with the Shropshire community, our support for regional events and efforts to raise money for charity.”

They have generously supported Mad Cow Productions for almost a decade!

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2016-04-15 08.19.39


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