Always Look on the Brightside…


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The last six months have been crazy. I’ve been juggling everything and may have dropped the ball when it came to writing.

Then again the time has given me a lot of inspiration and enough ideas to get me through five books at least…but that’s where I get ahead of myself. I must finish editing my first book and stop getting caught up in new ideas.

So here’s what I have been up to, just so you know I haven’t given up on writing and turned into a hermit who lives in a cave…though that does sound appealing.

My eldest Zebra, Amelia has been through an incredibly tough time, thanks to EDS. She had, what would have been a small fall to most but which to Amelia left her with a dislocated knee, damaged ligaments in her hip and a severe sprain to her ankle.

And all because she took a comment as literal.

“If your sisters start to argue, leave the room.” A simple instruction, made by myself to keep her from getting involved and to stop her from being hurt or upset by her siblings.

However, when her sisters did kick off at each other two days later Amelia did exactly what I said.

Only problem being, that there was a toy pushchair in her way and in her rush to leave the room she got stuck in it and fell.

We spent nine days in our local hospital.  She came home temporarily, before going into an orthopedic hospital for two weeks.

During this time, I was also involved in a play ‘The Games Afoot’ as the DSM, with Mad Cow Productions, . The show opened the same week Amelia went in for her two week stay. It was exhausting, but I had all the support I could need from the wonderful Mad Cows, my family and friends. And I must say a huge thank you to you all!

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Amelia has made steady progress and she really inspires me to do the same. As do my other two Zebras, they face many challenges and some days they are too hard to bare. Yet they keep fighting and still look at the Brightside of life. Being the mama Zebra, I want to inspire them too. So with that thought I auditioned for the next Mad Cow Productions show, a musical called Spamalot.

Leading up to the auditions was a bit of a nightmare. I had Laryngitis for three weeks, and could only just speak on the night I was supposed to sing. I also managed to sub luxate my knee on the morning and dislocated my finger as I was leaving the house.

Needless to say, it didn’t go as planned. But I gave it my best shot and managed to get a part in the ensemble. They know about my condition and have been fantastic and so understanding. It does help that I can tolerate a huge amount of pain.

My husband is also in Spamalot, and is playing the part of Patsy and I can’t wait for the girls to see us both on stage!

I was asked to take part in a concert for raising awareness of Meningitis. Which was a no brainer for me until I was asked to perform something that was like my blog posts. After a lot of panic and pacing round my kitchen…I had it. I wrote and performed my one-woman comedy sketch and it seemed to go down very well with the audience.

I faced two fears in one go. Performing on stage and having people see something I’d written myself!

Right now rehearsals are underway and I’m learning lots of songs and dance routines.

My confidence is growing, and although I have moments where the pain gets too much and my mind turns to goo. I know I can do this.

I will be a woman from Finland who hits a man in the face with a huge fish…I will be a dancing Jewish bride!

Never thought I’d get to say that, but Spamalot is a great show and ultimately I just keep picturing my girls faces.

I want them to know they can achieve anything they set their minds to, after all…Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

If you fancy coming to see the amazing show, Spamalot, please book your tickets now as they selling fast at Theatre Severn !

I’ve babbled on for too long and my book isn’t going to edit itself, so see you later!


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That Friday Feeling.

2015-03-27 12.02.11

Today I have mixed feelings, its Friday so that signals the beginning of the weekend. Yay!

But it also means that at 3:30pm, the Easter holidays commence. I know I should treasure every moment with my little angels and I try my best to. It’s just that when my angels grow horns and turn into whingeing, vengeful demons who wish to destroy everything and everyone in their path,( we’ve hit the pre-teen years.) I have the urge to run for cover, at the very least I begin calculating how many weeks, day’s and hours are left before they return to school.

There are however some wonderfully funny moments that come from stroppy kids. Can you imagine how much noise a child on crutches can make? Now think about that child having a full on meltdown and attempting to make a swift exit. It’s all going well for them until they reach the stairs. It’s a slow process to get to the top of the stairs and maintain their bad attitude all whilst muttering. It takes staying power to carry that out and a huge dollop of stubbornness, which my kids seem to have a full supply of.

Over the weekend I’m planning what I can do to occupy them with over the next two weeks. I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that I can fit in time to write, as my list of work is expanding.

So for today I am treating myself. I’ve made a banana cake, topped with lemon buttercream and it’s actually edible! ( I have that on good authority from Amelia, my eldest daughter.)

So I sit down at my desk knowing that this is my last chance of peace and quiet and that editing is my priority. I have a huge slice of my cake and a hot cup of tea next to me and for the moment, all is well with the world.

Any suggestions of activities for three angel/demons with disabilities would be greatly received, or support and encouragement to get me through the next two weeks. Chuckle 🙂

Monday morning madness.

I’m a mother, a wife and a writer. I like to think I’m organised but I realised today that I am in fact deluded. Yesterday I comprised a list ( I love lists) of what I needed to accomplish today.I have a short story I need to finish and then I can get on with editing my novel. I had decreed to my family that this was a new year and a new me!

8:00 am. I felt amazing, if not a bit cold. I had de-iced the car and jumped into it to make sure inside was de- misting nicely.

Instead I was greeted by a window of ice, inside the car. Now I know I’m an adult and it pains me to say it, but I had a full on tantrum as I sat freezing to death in front of the wheel. I whacked the heat on full and turned the temp up to the highest it’s ever been. I was scraping the screen when a voice shouting for my attention interuppted me.

Slipping and sliding my way to the front door I silently prayed my joints stayed where they were supposed to. I was greeted by middle child, Hermione who was in a full on rant ( something to do with an app not working) and then collared by the eldest, Amelia and the youngest, Izzy, who were at each others throats over a monster high doll.

I find my inner peace and channel it. I take the device off Hermione, switch it on and off and thrust it back into her waiting hands. Tackle the other two, removing said doll and hold it for ransome. They can continue to fight over it after teeth have been brushed, shoes are on and hair has been assembled into some kind of order.

Our dog Lola, has been released from the kitchen and is running round as though she’s escaped from prison, bouncing over the sofa as children try to grab anything edible. I watch with amusement as it’s the fastest my kids have moved all morning. School bags fly off the sofa, one spills it’s contents all over the floor amidst shouts of, ‘Mum get her out!’

8:25 Lola is secured back in kitchen. Medication is given out to all three and hair is done. Teeth done (I think, I know they went upstairs when I grabbed my luke warm tea) I’ve put their shoes are on, coats are laid out ready.

8:35 Time to leave the house for the school run. Lola has been released by Izzy, who decided it would be a good time to grab a buiscuit. The Degu’s, River and Ripley are squealing as the other door was left open by Amelia and Lola  is now jumping at the cage. I wrestle Lola until she’s locked under my arm, Hermione is still on phone and complaining of stomach ache as I ask her to put it away. I trip over Amelia’s crutches as I squeeze past her and race through to the kitchen. Lola looks miffed as I throw her in her bed and rush out slamming the door behind me.

I usher the children out to the car, helping with bags and asking why none of them have put on hats and scarves. I jump in my seat and switch the engine on, were going to make it in time.

Or so I thought. The window has frozen again, how the hell and why? Are some of the things I shout at the screen.

8:50 I’ve cleared the window and were off. Arriving at school just in time. I leap out of the car and hustle Hermione towards the reception. Handing over the slips of paper I’d stuffed into my coat pocket which has the times on for their medication.

8:57 I’m back in the car and driving across town to the hospital for Amelia and Izzy’s Orthotics appointments.

9:15 The car boot comes down on top of my head as I drag the wheelchair out and I swear (don’t judge me) loud enough that someone walking by stops and stares at me.

9:20 We are in the hosptal and waiting for the receptionist, I give the girls names and times of appointments and then I wait. She looks over the computer at me and smiles before saying, ‘I’m so sorry but your appointmnents tomorrow morning.’

I deflate, right there in the waiting room. That’s it I’m done and it’s only 9:30.

I take the girls back to their schools and have to let them know I got it wrong and that they will be late tomorrow too.

Back home I have a hot  mug of tea and a serving of toast as I glance over my list. I didn’t do to bad really. I wish I could say this morning  was a one off, but it would be a lie. Oh well the day isn’t over so I’d better get to work.

Tomorrow I will be more organised.